1. How did LaPoo die?
2. What things did Joey hide in the box under Monica’s bed?
3. Why did Joey put condoms in?
4. Why does Monica want to change rooms at the hotel?
5. What is on tv that Chandler wants to watch?
6. What things prevent Ross from telling Rachel that he can’t see her anymore?
7. What is the name of Rachel’s turtle?
8. Who did Chandler see waiting for an elevator?
9. What did Monica forget at the hotel?
10. What does Chandler find all over the apartment?
11. Who is Kip?
12. Who lifts right out?
13. Where does Joey think Chandler went away for the weekend to?
14. Who is the first to find out that Chandler and Monica are together?

1. Hit by an ice cream truck and dragged for 19 blocks
2. Candy bars, crossword puzzles, mad libs, magazines, Doritos, condoms
3. “We don’t know how long we are going to be in here, we may need to repopulate the earth”
4. There is lipstick on the drinking glasses
5. A High Speed Car Chase
6. Her dog dies, she gets a bloody nose
7. Davy, “he’s still pining after LaPoo but he’s a tough little turtle”
8. Donald Trump
9. Her eyelash curler
10. Rolos
11. Chandler’s old roommate, he dated Monica and when they broke up they coudn’t be in the same room together and so Kip got phased out
12. Phoebe because she’s not related and lives far away
13. A gay cruise
14. Joey