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Bing, Chandler Muriel – computer processor, college roommate to Ross, marries Monica (Matthew Perry)

Buffay, Phoebe – massuce, singer, has a twin sister Ursula, marries Mike (Lisa Kudrow)

Buffay, Ursula – Phoebe’s twin sister, waitress, adult film star, this character originated on the show Mad about You.

Geller, Monica E. – chef, brother to Ross, high school friend of Rachel, marries Chandler (Courteney Cox Arquette)

Geller, Ross – palentologist, married/divorced to Carol, marry/divorces Emily, marry/divorces Rachel, son Ben, daughter Emma (David Schwimmer)

Green, Rachel Karen– waitress, fashion employee, high school friend of Monica, marry/divorces Ross (Jennifer Aniston)

Tribiani, Joseph (Joey) Francis – actor (Matt LeBlanc)

Emily – Married to Ross,
Susan – Carol’s wife
Carol – Ross’ ex-wife, lesbian life partner & wife is Susan
Ben Geller – Son of Ross & Carol
Emma Geller – Daughter of Ross & Rachel
Richard Burke – Monica’s boyfriend, also good friends with Jack & Judy Gellar
Kathy – Dated Joey and then Chandler
Janice – Dates Chandler, off and on for mulitple seasons. Trademark saying is “Oh my God!”
Jack Geller – Ross & Monica’s father
Judy Geller – Ross & Monica’s mother (Christina Pickles)
Jill Green – Rachel’s sister
Mr. Treager – Apartment building superintendant
Gunther – Coffee Shop employee, has a long term crush on Rachel