1. Why do Monica and Chandler say it took them so long to get to the hospital?
2. Why cant Phoebe’s doctor make it?
3. Who does the Doctor Harrit love?
4. What did Alice tell Frank all about?
5. What does Joey show the boy babies on the video?
6. Who dated triplets?
7. What does Phoebe not want her doctor to tell her?
8. What is the name of the second doctor that Phoebe calls Doogie?
9. What are Joey’s sympathy pains really?
10. When are the babies going to be born?
11. Who froze Fonzie?
12. What is the name of the male nurse monica is going to go out with?
13. What does the doctor have on the tv when Phoebe is in labor?
14. What are the names of the triplets?
15. What causes Chandler to have a kindgergarten flashback?
16. What does Alice’s sister have that might make her the cool aunt?
17. What did Alice call Chandler to make it more girly?

1. Monica forgot her jacket
2. She fell in the shower and hit her head
3. Fonzie
4. The LaMazda stuff
5. Playboy
6. Fonzie, Arthur Fonzerelli
7. Shes dialated a mundo
8. Dr. Oberman
9. Kidney Stones
10. On the Fonz’s half birthday
11. Mork
12. Dan
13. Channel 31, Happy Days, the one where Fonzie plays the bongos
14. Frank Jr Jr, Leslie, Chandler
15. They read the sonogram wrong and Chandler is a girl!
16. A pool
17. Channy Fanny