1.Who looks like a non-threatening Ray Liotta?
2.What tux is Joey wearing?
3.Why doesn’t Phoebe like PBS?
4.Why does Chandler think PBS didn’t write back?
5.What did Monica tell Rachel about her secret boyfriend?
6.Where is the PBS telethon?
7.Who is the real host?
8.Why will Phoebe find a selfless good deed?
9.Who are going to be like “two idiots in love”?
10.What does Emily want Ross to do before she comes to NY?
11.Who should never watch the cooking channel?
12. Why did Phoebe let the bee sting her?
13.What does Ross use to make the decision about Rachel/Emily?
14. What movie does Rachel want to go see?
15. What was Phoebe saving up her money for?

1. The guy Monica says she is dating from work, which she really just made up because she doesnt want to tell Rachel about her dating Chandler
2. Vomit Tux
3. She wrote to them after her mom died and they never wrote back. All she got was a lousy keychain
4. A lot of those Muppets don’t have thumbs
5. That he’s the best sex he’s ever had
6. Unitel Video Studio 55
7. Gary Collins
8. Because she just gave birth to 3 kids and she will not let them be raised in a world where Joey is right
9. Ross & Emily
10. Only if he promises to never see Rachel again
11. The chick and the duck
12. So he could look tough in front of his bee friends and it was a selfless good deed because Phoebe was really not happy
13. A Magic 8 ball
14. How Stella Got her Groove Back
15. A hamster