1. What does Monica recommend to stop Joey from snoring?
2. Where doe they pick up Emilys wedding dress?
3. How many dates had Rachel & Joshua been on before she proposes?
4. What is the name of the girl Chandler meets at the sleep clinic?
5. Where did Phoebe get her wedding dress?
6. What did they give Joey to help his snoring?
7. Why is he wearing it when hes not sleeping?
8. Where are Rachel/Joshua and Ross/Emily going on their double date?
9. What do the girls do to cheer Rachel up?
10. What kind of job does Monica wish for?

1. Roll him over
2. Beatrice Bridal Shop
3. 4
4. Marjorie, she talks in her sleep
5. Rented it from a store called It’s Not Too Late
6. A mouthgard
7. It tastes good
8. Ernie’s
9. All wear their wedding dresses
10. One where she could wear a wedding dress all the time