The corner of Bedford Street and Grove Street in New York City’s West Village is the site of the fictional home of the F.R.I.E.N.D.S. show characters.

At some point in the show every character has lived in one of the 2 apartments in the show.

Apartment 20 – 

Originally Monica’s grandmother’s apartment

Ross lived there one summer during college – revealed in the last episode of the series 10.238

Monica & Phoebe were roommates together in the years before the show

Rachel moves in with Monica after she bails on her wedding – Episode 1.1

Joey & Chandler win the game and win the apartment away from the girls – Episode  4.85

Monica & Chandler move in together and later get married and live together in apartment 20.

Apartment 19 – 

Chandler and Kip are roommates in the years before the show begins

Chandler ends up with Joey as his new roommate after Mr Heckles scares off the other possible roommate.

Chandler gets Eddie as a new roommate when Joey moves out.

Joey moves back in and Ross stays with them when Emily’s cousin kicks him out after they divorce.

Chandler & Joey move across the hall when they beat the girls in the trivia game.

Joey and Janine share the apartment.

Joey and Rachel share the apartment.

I visited the site in May 2006 and took the photo above.