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1. What did Monica and Phoebe buy for the catering company?
2. What paper does Monica write a review for?
3. How much do they pay her?
4.What resturant does she review?
5.Where did the waiter carry the breadsticks?
6. Where is Allesandro from?
7. Who are Ross & Chandler going to party with?
8. What does Ross like to listen to when he takes a bath?
9. How did Rachel’s boss Joanna die?
10. Who did Allessandro fire to give Monica the head chef position?
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Question 1: What did the employees at Allesandro’s write on Monica’s chefs hat?
Question 2: How many Oreos fit into his mouth at once is Joey’s personal best?
Question 3: When Monica was in kindergarten what did they have to do when she wanted to use the sea-saw?
Question 4: What words does Joey think rhyme with Rachel?
Question 5: What did Rachel’s dad used to call her when she was little?
Question 6: What does Phoebe wish Rachel’s dad had called her?
Question 7: What happened that caused a burn stain on Monica’s chefs coat?
Question 8: Who did Chandler set Rachel up with from his work?
Question 9: What is Joey’s work nickname while he works at Allesandros?
Question 10: What does Phoebe’s song say Ross decorates his Christmas tree with?
Question 11: Where does Ross wake up on the train?
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Welcome F.R.I.E.N.D.S. Fans!

This site has my personal trivia(with the help of some awesome friends) that I make up while watching the best show ever, the hit TV show FRIENDS. This is in no way affiliated with NBC or Friends. It is just purely for fun! Enjoy!

What is at Bedford St & Grove St?

The corner of Bedford Street and Grove Street in New York City’s West Village is the site of the fictional home of the F.R.I.E.N.D.S. show characters.
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