1.What are the names of the two Rugby players that Emily knows?
2.When was the last time Liam saw Emily?
3.Where do they play rugby?
4.Where do Rachel & Chandler go to get their nails done?
5.Where does Chandler tell Janice he is getting transferred to?
6.What is his address?
7.What is Janice’s packing space saver?
8.Why did Ross get hurt playing badmitton with Rachel’s dad?
9.Where did RedRoss originate?
10. How much did it cost Monica to get the electrical plans for the building?
11. How much did Chandlers ticket to Yemen cost?
12. Who lives directly below Apt 19?
13. Who lives directly above?
14. What did Ross do to his fathers porche when he was 4 years old?
15. Who had 7 pretty serious shocks?
16. What does the unknown switch really do?

TOW all the Rugby
1. Liam & Devon
2. The morning after the U2 concert
3. Riverside park
4. 14 Street Nails
5. Yemen
6. 15 Yemen Road, Yemen
7. Roll up your underwear and put it in your shoes
8. Rachels moms dog was watching him
9. They were waiting in line for Dances with Wolves and a guy cut in line in front of them and Ross screamed at him and turned all red
10. $25 and wait in line for 3 hours at city hall
11. $2100
12. Mrs Katrakus
13. Kenny
14. Washed it with rocks and made his dad cry
15. Monica
16. Turns on and off the tv in Apt 20