1. What did Monica and Phoebe buy for the catering company?
2. What paper does Monica write a review for?
3. How much do they pay her?
4.What resturant does she review?
5.Where did the waiter carry the breadsticks?
6. Where is Allesandro from?
7. Who are Ross & Chandler going to party with?
8. What does Ross like to listen to when he takes a bath?
9. How did Rachel’s boss Joanna die?
10. Who did Allessandro fire to give Monica the head chef position?

1. A van
2. The Chelsea Recorder
3. A penny per word
4. Allesandro’s, an Italian resturant
5. In his pants
6. Lebanon
7. Gandalf
8. Kenny G
9. Leaving work she was hit by a cab
10. Chef Emilio, father of some of the other employees