Question 33: What is the name of the Aunt with the dollhouse?
Question 34: What things did Phoebe bring over to play with Monica’s dollhouse?
Question 35: What is the name of the theater where Joey’s play is performed?
Question 36: What is the name of Kate’s understudy? (Joey dates her)
Question 37: What does Ross reccomend Monica add to the boys bathroom in the dollhouse to make it “more realistic”?
Question 38: Where do guests sleep at Phoebe’s dollhouse?
Question 39: What does Kate’s understudy want to do with Joey as a date?
Question 40: What is the name of the director of the play?

Question 33: Aunt Sylvia
Question 34: Giant Dog, Dinosaur, Ghost
Question 35: Lucille Lortel Theater
Question 36: Lauren
Question 37: “Teeny tiny porno magazines behind the toilet”
Question 38: The Tootsie-Rollaway bed
Question 39: Paint Mugs
Question 40: Marshall