Question 1: What did the employees at Allesandro’s write on Monica’s chefs hat?
Question 2: How many Oreos fit into his mouth at once is Joey’s personal best?
Question 3: When Monica was in kindergarten what did they have to do when she wanted to use the sea-saw?
Question 4: What words does Joey think rhyme with Rachel?
Question 5: What did Rachel’s dad used to call her when she was little?
Question 6: What does Phoebe wish Rachel’s dad had called her?
Question 7: What happened that caused a burn stain on Monica’s chefs coat?
Question 8: Who did Chandler set Rachel up with from his work?
Question 9: What is Joey’s work nickname while he works at Allesandros?
Question 10: What does Phoebe’s song say Ross decorates his Christmas tree with?
Question 11: Where does Ross wake up on the train?

Question 1: Quit Bitch
Question 2: 15
Question 3: Bring in someone from Jr High to do the sea-saw with her
Question 4: …..
Question 5: Pumpkin
Question 6: Budolf
Question 7: The employees at Allesandros baked it
Question 8: Patrick
Question 9: Dragon
Question 10: Floss
Question 11: Montreal