Question 1: What is the name of the co-worker who thinks Chandler is gay?
Question 2: Who does she want to set him up with?
Question 3: Who is “Out of Chandler’s League” (if he was gay)?
Question 4: Why did Rachel realize Chandler wasnt gay when she first met him?
Question 5: Who thought Chandler was gay in college?
Question 6: Who did Ross tell her that Chandler was dating? And why?
Question 7: Where did Paulo call Rachel from?
Question 8: What did Monica love about Nana? Ross?
Question 9: What happened to Debbie, Phoebe’s best friend from junior high?
Question 10: What did Ross find in Nana’s closet that was his?
Question 11: Where does Jack Gellar want to be buried?
Question 12: What is Joey doing at Nana’s funeral and reception?
Question 13: Judy Gellar gives Ross some pills. What are they leftover from?

For answers highlight below:

20. Shelley

21. Lowell from Financial Services

22. Brian from Payroll

23.  He spent all of Phoebe’s Birthday party staring at her breasts.

24.  Susan Salador

25. Ross told Susan that Chandler was seeing Bernie Spellman because he also liked her and Ross wanted to date her.

26. Rome

27. Monica – The fuzzy little mints in the bottom of her purse. Ross – The way she would steal Sweet-n-Low packets from everywhere.

28. She was struck by lightning on a mini-golf course

29. His retainer.

30. At Sea

31.  Watching the Giants vs. Cowboys pregame and at the reception the game.

32. From her golfing accident.