Question 1. What does Chandler watch at 2’o clock on a Wednesday?

Question 2. What special combination (three things) does Chandler use when plucking Joey’s eyebrows to ease the pain?

Question 3. What nicknames do Monica and Chandler have for the building tenant that Joey calls “Rusty”?

Question 4. What was Monica doing that caused her to miss Rachel kissing Gavin on the balcony?
Highlight below for answers:

Answer 1: Road Rules, The one where chandler takes a bath
Answer 2: Ice Cubes, Aloe Vera and my gentle self-loathing touch, The One where Monica Sings
Answer 3: Howdy Dudie and Fire Beard, TOW all the candy
Answer 4: Ironing Wrapping Paper, The One Where Monica Sings